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My journey to EEMOTIA started in 6th grade when I first signed up for junior high band.  I received an outstanding saxophone award that year, finished junior high school, and then made the TMEA All State Band when I was a high school senior in a prestigous Texas band program.   
After obtaining my Music Education degree in college, I started teaching high school band, striving to  positvely impact the  young minds that will lead this country one day.  At the same time, my passion for photography and capturing images for other people was building.  
Similar to helping my students through the appreciation of music, I had a strong desire to help others capture great images through photography!  I always teach my students to "enjoy the experience along life's journey" and "memories last a lifetime."  
When starting this business I found nothing else that could match the joy and jubilation you receive when the people you photograph smile fom ear to ear in appreciation of a single image, or when someone bursts out in tears..overwhelmed with emotion as they view a photograph meaningful only to them.    
Simply put, I strive to give others those memories that last a lifetime through my love of music and photography! 
what I do
1.  Individual portraits
2.  Action Photography 
3.  Event Photography
4.  Team / Group Portraits (Musicians, Dance, Cheer, etc.)
5.  H.S. Seniors
6.  Proms
7.  Much More! 
the name
Pronounced: “E – Mo – Shah”
Definition:  The company name used to describe the fact that I capture (EE)motion for unique & creative individuals.  I started out as an "action photography" business but have expanded to include much more!
the logo
The two E’s:  Behind the company name, some people claim to see a butterfly.  You be the judge!
When designing our logo however, I started with one E, then added another and flipped it horizontally.  The result is what you see today.   
In 2002, I began photographing pageant headshots, high school seniors, weddings, pageants, families, and the other events that truly matter.  My resume includes (but is not limited to) stunning photographic products for Houston Pageants, the Miss United Nations Pageant, The Miss Texas Pageant Organization, and others.  
In other words, I know how to make you look great!