EEMOTIA Photography | DVD IMAGE License Information


Purchaser is allowed to use image(s) for PERSONAL purposes only and not for profit. EEMOTIA Photography is the primary copyright owner of all purchased images. However, you have copyright permission to print the digital images freely at your local printer, post them on Facebook, MySpace, etc. You may also use them in magazines, program books, publications, etc.
Please include "Photo by EEMOTIA Photography" when used in publications. We do not grant permission for any individual, group, school group, not profit organization, or business to use or sell digital images for profrit for any reason. Please do not post or use our photos on a website where these digital images can be purchased. NO REFUND FOR ANY REASON. BY PURCHASING THIS DIGITAL IMAGE DVD, YOU AGREE THAT THE SALE IS FINAL. Purchaser agrees to pay EEMOTIA Photography $100 per image for any copyright infraction.
This product usually ships between 3 to 4 weeks. If combined with a print order, your DVD order will ship separately.