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I’m sold!  How do I book EEMOTIA Photography? 

Simply email us at let us know you want to book!  Our email is  To expedite the process, simply let us know your name, your school, and what date you would like us to photograph.  The earlier you email us, the better since availability becomes limited during this time of year.  Also, feel free to call us if needed! Our number is 832-390-1121.


** If we need to be added as a vendor in your district prior to photographing, please let us know.  We are happy to comply with your districts' policy. 



How much will it cost my program for EEMOTIA to photograph my students?

Nothing!  There is no charge to your activity account, district budget, or boosters.



Who pays for the students’ pictures? 

After the scheduled photo shoot, students/parents go online to to view and order their prints or digital image.  Every single order is then delivered to the purchasers’ home doorstep (or the location they specify for delivery). 



How much do the photos cost? 

Our prices vary from around $9.99 and work their way up.  It depends on the quantity of the item, if the item purchased is a multiple print package, if the item is framed, if it is a full resolution digital image, etc.  See our website sample for details.



Do we have to use any of our class time? 

No…if you don’t want to.  Typically, we schedule our shoots during after school hours to avoid loss of instruction for students.  For high school marching band programs, we recommend scheduling your shoot on your day off during the week.  For schools that want to start during the school day to get a “head start” and finish after school, we are ok doing so.  All we ask is that you communicate this to the front desk receptionist so they are aware.



How do you determine the photography order (which students photographs first, second, third, etc.)? 

Given the large size of many high school groups, we recommend that you assign specific photography blocks.  For example, seniors photograph from 2:15pm to 3:15pm, juniors from 3:15pm to 4:15pm, etc.   Since you know how many students are in each section, one block might be longer than the other.  For the average 150 member group, it takes us about 4 hours to photograph as long as the students are on time. 



Do students have to wear their uniforms?

Yes.  Students should plan to look their best to represent your program. To assist, we will     send specific information home with tips on how to prepare for their photo shoot.



Do instrumentalists need to have their instrument? 

Yes.  Parents almost always like to see their child with their instrument.  As you know, they have a significant investment in terms of time and finances so they usually prefer instruments. 



How long does it take for the images to be posted? 

It usually takes us two to three days to post all the images.  We will let you know when they are posted.  



How do I know where to tell the students and parents to view their images? 

We will assign you a unique URL and then YOU need to choose a simple password.  For example, the URL might be  Remember that your password should be relatively EASY for students and parents.  All of this information will be emailed to you in a word document with other general photo shoot information so you can add it to your website, mass email to parents, and to make copies for students.



Can you photograph our band/orchestra/choir in a group shot?  

For the most part, yes.  However, we have found that for the majority of high school marching bands, students/parents prefer group photos taken at a big marching band event (BOA Regional or Super Regional, UIL State Marching Band Contest, etc).  For junior high bands, orchestras, and choirs, we can still include this option on your photography day.  Please note that this will require extra time.  




When photographing groups, do you bring your own bleachers/risers?    

Since we are a successful small business, we usually photograph with existing school equipment.  Locations may include your rehearsal room (with your chairs, risers), your auditorium stage, gym bleachers, etc.) 




You mentioned you photograph choirs but why aren't there any samples on your website? 

Great question!  Photographing choir groups is a new addition for 2011.  Although we have primarily focused on instrumentalists in the past, we are ready to provide great images to choirs!   



What are the "Creative Series" photos all about that are showcased on your website?

These photos are meant to be for your leadership team or your officers.  Since these students typically go 'above and beyond' we like to offer them an opportunity to dress down casually and take photos that are non-traditional.  In the samples we provided, students are basically wearing all black.  Please note that these photos are optional at your discretion and will add extra time to your photo shoot.  




You said each director gets a free headshot, correct?  

Yes!  We are more than delighted to photograph you and your staff at no charge.  You will have the option to photograph on the same 'student' background or in a more casual setting (such as a long hallway where we can blur the background).  We will email you the director digital images a few days after the photo shoot.  




Is there anything else I should know or ask? 

Yes.  One of the best suggestions we can offer is to have two or three parent volunteers on site to help with uniform checkout and return, to make sure students have all uniform parts, one parent can also assist with the general flow in the photography area, etc.  This makes your job much easier allowing you to relax in your office.  At the very least though, we do ask that you walk out every so often to make sure things are running smoothly since your kids know you best.