EEMOTIA Photography | FAQs



General FAQs

1.  Where is EEMOTIA Photography located? 

I am ocated in Richmond, Texas and serve the Greater Houston Area.  

2.  Does EEMOTIA Photography travel for event photography? 
Yes, I travel inside Texas and to any other state in the U.S.  
3.  How do I contact EEMOTIA Photography? 
The best and fastest method is email.  This allows me to respond to your inquiry at any time during the day and it usually only takes me a few hours.  My email address is or you can click on "Contact Us" on this website and fill out the contact form.  
4.  What does EEMOTIA photograph?   
I offer almost every type of portrait photography including Events, Groups/Teams,  High School Seniors, Headshots, Pageants, Proms, and more! 
5.  I want to book your services!  How much advance notice should I give EEMOTIA Photography?  
The earlier I know, the better I can accomdate you!  It is never too early to let me know your date so don't be shy! :)
Viewing & Ordering FAQs
1.  I just attended an event, how do I find the photos?
You can click the "Search" tab at the top, browse "All Photographs," or look under the "Recently Added" tab if the event is recent.  
2.  There are no photos available for the event online or the folder is empty.  What's the deal?
Due to the high volume of images I have to upload, I probably have not had a chance to upload all of them yet.  Check back often to see when they are posted.  You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter for posting updates and specials! 
3.  How do I order the photos I am looking at? 
When broswing the photos, click the "buy" button on the right.  This saves the image to your shopping cart to view when you are finished shopping.  
4.  Can I order more than one photo?
Yes.  You can add as many images as you like.  
Digital Image Orders & Downloads
1. Will the EEMOTIA watermark be included on my purchased image when I download it?  
No.  The watermark is only included for the small thumbnail previews and galleries.  It will not be on the digital file that you purchase and download.
2.  Is there a limit to how many digital images I can purchase?  
No. You can purchase as many as you like.   
3.  How can I get a digital copy of a formal/funny group or team image?
I do not sell digital copies of group photographs due to the risk of illegal copying of the image for distribution. Digital copies of group photos may not be used for any purpose, including web display, yearbooks, plaques, or any other media without a written license agreement from EEMOTIA Photography.  
4. If I order digital images, can I get a refund if I do not like it?
Unfortunately, no.  There will be no refunds or exchanges allowed for digital images for any reason.  When you purchase digital images, the sale is final. 
5.  How can I get a copy of an image for use in the local newspaper or for my school's yearbook?
For individual images, the purchase of a digital copy entitles the person in the image to reproduce the image for these purposes. As required in the licensing agreement, you must use "Photo by EEMOTIA."  For group photos, I will generally grant restricted use licenses provided that the request is made in writing and is on the organization’s letterhead.  
6.  If I order digital images, are they edited in any way? 
Yes.  They will be adjusted for proper color and contrast for my professional printers.  Given the wide diversity and variance of professional and home printers, I can not guarantee the final prints if you purchase digital images and print them yourself or send them to your print lab.  



Print Orders

1.  What will my print look like and will it have that watermark? 
All of the online images are low resolution versions of the full, high resolution images.  Your printed images will be higher resolution and will be professionally color balanced and adjusted for contrast.  Your final print will NOT have the watermark as it will be removed.
2.  How are the photos printed?  
All images are printed on Kodak Professional Paper.  If kept in normal controlled conditions (inside your home for example), they can last a lifetime!  
3.  Are your print orders guaranteed?
Absolutely!   If you do not like your order when it arrives, simply return it to me in the same condition you received it and I will reprint your order to your satisfaction (This policy does not apply to digital images).
4.  What is the print shipping charge?  
Normal shipping (3-5 business days) is approximately $7 to $12 depending on the type, size, & contents of the order.  Next Business Day Delivery is offered (but not on weekends). 
5.  Do you crop images for the final prints? 
I do not crop your selected images.  You will be prompted to crop images to your satisfaction upon checking out.  Please note that images from our cameras are in a 8x12 format (although you can print them bigger if needed).  If you order an 8x10, you will have to crop a little off the top and bottom to fit the 8x10 paper.  The same might apply for other print sizes.  
Security & Privacy
1.  How are orders charged?
Items purchased through my ordering site will be processed seamlessly by Zenfolio.  Zenfolio is a reputable company with many years of experience and thousands of photography business clients.  Items not purchased through Zenfolio will be processed by PayPal.  I will send you an email to finalize this type of payment.  I currently use PayPal and utilize all of their security features to keep your information secure.  I do not have access to your payment information nor are we able to store it. 
Please note that I am PayPal Verified so you can order with confidence.
2.  Is our contact information secure with EEMOTIA?
Absolutely!  I do not give out your contact information to third parties.  In fact, I HATE spam mail!  It is annoying and clogs our inbox which slows our response time to you.  
3.  How do I have my individual photo removed from the website?
Simply email us at and I will take care of it. 
Privacy Policy
EEMOTIA Photography is committed to maintaining your trust and confidence. The following online privacy policy is intended to protect and secure the personally identifiable information (any information by which you can be identified) you provide to us online.   EEMOTIA may periodically send you e-mail announcing news and event information. If you choose to supply your postal address in an online form, you may receive mailings from EEMOTIA as well.  If at any time you choose not to receive information from us, simply send an e-mail to and include "unsuscribe" in the subject line.  
No Sharing of Personal Information...EVER!
EEMOTIA Photography never sells, rents, leases or exchanges your personal information with other organizations.  EEMOTIA Photography assures you that the identity of all who contacts me through this Web site will be kept confidential.